Sunday, August 28, 2011

Coklat Oreo

For decorated Oreo Chocolates, the details are as follows:

Plain drizzled: RM2.00        Chocolate chips with drizzle: RM2.50

Chocolate buttons: RM2.30    Mini M&Ms: RM2.50

Cashew nuts: RM2.50         Dessicated coconut: RM2.00

Pistacchio with drizzle: RM2.80   Almonds: RM2.50

 Oreo chocolate with pattern: RM2.00

Oreo chocolate with edible image: RM2.50


Smiley, heart, tulip, etc: RM1.50

Rose lollichoc: RM1.00

Rose bouquet: RM5.50

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coklat Praline

Coklat praline terdapat dalam pelbagai bentuk, design dan filling. Anda boleh pilih code2 seperti yg tertera atau kami boleh customise praline mengikut citarasa anda.

The designs:

CODE: PO1             CODE: PO2

CODE: PO3             CODE: PO4

CODE: PO5             CODE: PO6

CODE: PO7             CODE: PO8

CODE: PO9             CODE: P10

CODE: P11             CODE: P12

CODE: P13             CODE: P14

CODE: P15             CODE: P16


Juga terdapat praline berbentuk alphabet, sesuai sebagai birthday present, wedding / engagement.

Or depending on your occasion, you can have the praline wrapped in aluminium foil.

The fillings come in 3 types: 
1- Nut filling (whole hazels, whole almonds, almond nibs) 
2- Fruit filling (raisins, dates)
3- Cream filling. 

For cream filling, the available flavors are:

Orange flavor
Strawberry flavor
Durian flavor (made from real durian)
Chocolate ganache
Mocha ganache


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